The parish council response to Rights of Way consulatation November 2017

Public footpaths within Kinnersley & District Group parishes total 42km. We have 4 Parish Footpath Officers - PFO's - one for each parish

Parish Footpath Officers

James Copsey is the PFO for Kinnersley, telephone 01544 328453, e-mail

Patrick Wrixon is the PFO for Norton Canon, telephone 01544 318247, e-mail

Roger Marshall is the PFO for Sarnesfield, telephone 01544 318795, e-mail

Rosie Davidson is the PFO for Letton, telephone 01544 327455, e-mail

The parish footpath officers meet regularly throughout the year to discuss issues

Parish Paths Partnership, known as P3

Under this scheme, the parish council employs a contractor to carry out some of the basic work of maintaining the 42 km of rights of way in the four parishes. This includes cutting back vegetation, and minor repairs such as installing or replacing steps, handrails, way-markers and signposts.
The parish council currently (2018/19) receives a grant of £2,115 towards the cost of the P3 contractor and makes a contribution of £635 out of its own funds.

Booklet of 12 local circular walks

As a result of the Parish Plan, the Parish Council sponsored the production of a new and original booklet of 12 circular walks, published in 2015

The walks can be viewed and downloaded here

Advice and Guidance

Advice for Farmers & Landowners on Public Rights of Way

Guidelines on the Parish Footpath Officer role