Since May 2014, the Parish Council has employed a Parish Lengthsman who works in the 4 parishes for about 150 hours per year maintaining minor and unclassified highways (not trunk roads or A roads). Examples of the sort of tasks that he undertakes include clearing of gullies to improve drainage, clearing minor storm debris, and maintenance of traffic/road signs to ensure visibility as well as limited grass cutting where it improves visibility to junctions or access to services.
To report any problems which might come into these or similar categories, contact Sarnesfield parish councillor Roger Marshall who has the role of Lengthsman Scheme Administrator Click here for contact details

How to get information about possible flooding *** How to report problems to Herefordshire Council

Signs on the highway Guidance about unauthorised signs placed along a highway *** Guidance on temporary event signage

Ditches The majority of ditches adjacent to the highways are not the responsibility of the Local Highway Authority or Parish Councils to maintain. They are Riparian Ditches which are the responsibility of the adjacent landowner. Explanatory leaflet about ditches and drainage

Mud on roads - Here are two guidance sheets for farmers and farm vehicle operators General guidance*** Guidance concerning signage