Kinnersley & District Group Parish Council


This is the parish council for the Herefordshire parishes of Kinnersley, Letton, Norton Canon and Sarnesfield

Chair Rosie Davidson, 01544 327455 ****** Vice-chairman Stephen Turner 01544 318036
Contact us here 01544 318138

The parish council holds 6 regular meetings per year, plus additional special meetings if required, and the next meeting will be

Tuesday 7th April 2020, 7.30pm at Norton Canon Village Hall

The meeting will start with an open forum for all local residents

The agenda will be available below about a week before the meeting


Explanatory leaflet about ditches and drainage

Guidance if a pipeline crosses your land

Current planning applications

What does the parish council do?

It employs a Lengthsman and a contractor to maintain footpaths
It operates a community email information system
It monitors and comments on local planning applications
It maintains 2 bus shelters
It has recruited a volunteer Tree Warden

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Correspondence address: Pool Cottage, Norton Canon, Hereford, HR4 7BP Click here for useful links to other web sites